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(Part 5) Digital and ageless: social reporting and our young reporters

Huw Bryant, Lowri Fflur Davies, Eleri Fflur and Lowri Jos were third year media students from Trinity University College Carmarthen.
They kindly volunteered their time at the WISE KIDS - WISP conference to work as social reporters (see blog post 1), and after only a very short induction by Tim and David, in which they were shown how to use Flip cameras (photo right) and upload videos, they were thrown straight into the deep end.

The results exceeded my personal expectations.

Young people covering an event about young people made all the sense. They were dynamic, self-confident and resourceful in their approach, unafraid of exploiting and experimenting; they were fast learners and undaunted by mistakes – qualities we tend to lose as we get older.

It made me think that is how they handle the internet too. Young people are naturally more resilient than older people. So why are we not empowering them more? Is it a question of us, grown-ups, conquering our own fear of digital technology? Could we projecting our own insecurities onto children, not realising they can handle it much better than we think they can?

Reporters in action
Check out some of their excellent work below:

And the Minister loses his head...
I love their interview with Leighton Andrews, Welsh Assembly Minister for Children, Education and Lifelong Learning, at which, the students were admittedly nervous. The nervousness shows in their shaky camera hand, half-decapitating the minister at times, but notice the intelligent questions they ask, getting him to talk about how he benefits from using blogging and social networking professionally.

David Wilcox recorded Lowri and Eleri in action, so you can watch the Leighton Andrews interview again from his perspective.

Social reporters interview social reporters
At the end of the day, the four reporters, looking visibly more relaxed, talked to David about their experience making video interviews and uploading them on to YouTube.

Their adorable final question to David: "So...would we be hired again next year?"

I think I know the answer to that.

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